Petersburg, Alaska
July 1, 2010 - July 12, 2010

10 July 2010


We ended up getting a much later start today and didn't get out of the house to get our breakfast sandwich at coastal until almost 11:00 a.m. As we were heading to breakfast we saw a friend biking by and called out to him. He decided to join us for breakfast and a last walk out to the Blind River rapids. We just sat for a while and watched the salmon jumping in the water. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the salmon they jumped to fast. I did manage to catch a splash or two after the fact.

There were eagles everywhere. I counted four in this tree.

The younger eagles are all brown, it takes about 5 years for the head and tail to turn white.

Here's an eagle landing in the water fairly close to us. He didn't catch anything and we weren't really sure what he was doing.

Here are a couple eagles fighting over a landing spot.

As we were driving home we drove by a woman walking her mule down the side of the highway. I decided that I had now seen it all and could go home!