Petersburg, Alaska
July 1, 2010 - July 12, 2010

3 July 2010


I woke up in the morning and because it was starting to get light outside I thought it was time to get up. I walked over to my iPhone and was shocked to see that it was only 3:00 a.m. This time of year it stays light very late and starts getting light very early. I did manage to fall back asleep for a few more hours.

We started the morning by going to Coastal for breakfast. It's a small place that not only makes breakfast and lunch items but sells fish and has tubs full of crabs and clams. It became a morning ritual to stop there and get a breakfast sandwich called the Ivar. I'm still craving that sandwich.

We decided to go on a ride around the logging road. It was raining but it didn't really matter the pictures I took were still exciting.

There were a lot of bridges over small streams as we were driving along. I jumped out of the truck and took a lot of pictures from the bridges.

The logging road
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Low Clouds
Downed tree
Tree with moss

On one side of the road it would drop straight down into woods and trees, on the other side of the road there were the most amazing rock patterns.

Logging Road rock patterns
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I really liked the way the rocks looked. The moss would grow very thick and the patterns and colors were amazing.

After the drive I spent some time walking around downtown Petersburg. I ended up buying some 8x10 prints of a local artist's work that I really liked. I watched people setting up for Independance Day the next day. There were flags all along the street and people bustling around setting up.

Downtown Petersburg, AK
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