Petersburg, Alaska
July 1, 2010 - July 12, 2010

1 July 2010


I have a friend who owns a house in Petersburg, Alaska. I am flying out today. I fly from Boston to Seattle, have an overnight layover, then I head on to Alaska.

Everyone keeps telling me to bring back pictures of a bear, "but not to get too close." I've been telling everyone that if I get eaten by a bear that I want it on my headstone. Sonia Dickson "eaten by a bear"

Everything from this moment is just adventure.

8:50 a.m.
I'm on the airplane headed to Seattle, the flight is just under 6 hours. There isn't anyone sitting in the middle seat. It's always nice to have a little extra room to stretch out on an airplane. I'm not sure who is sitting behind me but I think it might be a chimpanzee with how much they are moving around and kicking the back of my seat. I'm sitting back listening to my iPod, something to make the time go a little faster.

I had traveled by airplane the week before and managed two flights with two layovers without having to use the airplane lavatory, unfortunately that wasn't going to be the case here. I made my way to the back of the plane and into the tiny little space they call a bathroom, unfortunately while I was in there they brought out the beverage cart so I became completely stranded in the back of the plane and couldn't get back to my seat. A few other passengers and I stood there completely lost and confused until the Flight Attendant moved us way into the back galley so they could move the cart next to us and let us escape back to our seats just as the heavy turbulance started. I bounced my way back up to my seat near the front of the plane. I did have to apologize to the one gentleman who's lap I nearly sat in during a strong jolt.

I had a window seat which doesn't mean much when most of the country is overcast and you are flying above the clouds until you come to the Rocky Mountains. The tops of the mountains broke through the clouds and it was amazing seeing the snow capped mountains peaking up over the cloud carpet.

The airplane landed about 11:00 a.m. Seattle time. (3 hours earlier then our time) I made my way over to the courtesy pickup for the hotel room I had booked for the overnight layover. I should have known better than to find the cheapest hotel online. All these nice, clean vans drove past me until I see a rickity old, banged up, 8 passenger van that I just knew was for me. I got my luggage into the van and we made our way to the hotel, the hotel that looked just like the van. I went in to check in and they gave me my 3rd floor room key. I, being rather ignorant, asked for the elevator. The fromt desk clerk said, "Oh, we don't have any elevators." 3 flights of stairs with my 50 pound suitcase, my backpack, and my saxophone was fun. Unfortunately, the hotel room looked and smelled just like the van. I made a note to myself to pay the extra $20 for a real hotel next time I travel! I knew it was only one night so I made it work but I was on the lookout for anything crawling around sharing my hotel room.